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Roads Travelled

Projects inspired by trucks as seen in Pakistan

Adding vibrant colours and designs to restore old furniture. 

You may have heard the phrase: "It's not about the destination, but the journey." The phrase is a common thing to hear at any point in your life and it is equally true in all of them. Whether it be graduation and you look back at the people you met and the things you're leaving behind or it be the start of a new job where there are experiences to be had and people to meet. Whether it be a newborn being told of the life they have ahead of them or them ending up in their deathbed, looking back at the life they had.

It's about the journey. Look around at the art on a truck passing by, see the people you love, forgive the grievances they may have brought you, say hello, say goodbye, because life's short, life ends and, looking back, the journey was worth it.


Mini Trucks

Translation: Keep your distance or you'll fall in love.

Translation: We don't care if you don't want us. 


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